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Officials Warn ‘Deaths of Despair’ May Rise Amid Pandemic-Induced Isolation & Joblessness - Are You Concerned?
by Causes
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  • KellyKelly
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    Let’s talk about a reason to despair to the point of suicide: We’re in a pandemic, and instead of our leader urging us to come together, to problem solve, he advocates for rebellion and indignation towards science. He lies to us multiple times a day. McConnell says ‘blue states’ should go bankrupt. This could have been an opportunity to unite the country with a common goal, a clear leader, a plan to battle the virus and a cohesive plan to come out and open the economy. We could have found support in being in this all together. Instead we look from our homes on Memorial Day weekend envious of at least 2 dozen countries that managed the crisis better than the US, countries with less money, experts and resources. And with some indignant, entitled neighbors refusing to wear a mask and coughing purposely on people to make a show of their superiority and hatred toward their fellow American. As we deport immigrants children fleeing from violence and poverty. And you think just the virus and stay at home orders are leading to suicides? GET REAL WAKE UP AMERICA


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