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Dr. Fauci: Stay-at-Home Orders Could Cause 'Irreparable Damage' If Imposed For Too Long
by Causes
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  • Wanda
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    Getting Covid-19 causes irreparable damage. DEATH You risk not only your life but everyone you love as well as everyone else.. Next time don’t vote for a man who resolved his business stupidly by filing 5-10 bankruptcy. Trump has been using our national debt like a credit card.He juice the USA economy with his pals Mnuchin & Hassett Mulvaney.2008 walll-street transfer of our wealth.You do know Mnuchin was called Foreclosure King right.Trump gave him the keys to treasury Now he’s got no room left on that page-Corp already not paying if any taxes & National Debt is over the limit. In a normally run Gov (Clinton/Obama) there would be room for dangerous times in our budget Trump is a charlatan Stay clear wear mask, wash hands If we don’t it will get worse, and yes it can...Just look at Brazil. Another bloated idiot.

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