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Dr. Fauci: Stay-at-Home Orders Could Cause 'Irreparable Damage' If Imposed For Too Long
by Causes
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  • davidf

    What is meant by “irreparable harm”? If you’re expecting things to go back to as they were prior to Covid-19, then irreparable harm has already been done. This coronavirus is going to be with us for a VERY long time. A vaccine, if one is developed, will not be the panacea everyone is expecting. We are still going to have to alter our lifestyles to adjust to the risks posed by the characteristics of this virus. For conservatives change is difficult. Hanging on to the past, aversion to change, and a libertarian insistence on almost anarchical freedom makes adjusting to needed change difficult, if it is even possible. The only constant in life is that things will and do change. Sometimes change is by our choice. The impact of Covid-19 has been such changes not of our choosing have been thrust upon us. Persons who are willing to risk change, or even embrace it (usually identified as liberal or progressive) see change as opportunity, risky though it may be. When change is risked and embraced, “irreparable harm” is less likely because what was previously “normal” no longer exists and what will be normal in the future will be different. “Irreparable harm” depends solely on your point of view, your willingness to embrace change vs your avoidance of it, and whether your orientation is anarchical freedom or liberty.

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