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Graham: 'I Want to Do It Before the Election' – Do You Support Investigations into the Origins of the Russia Probe?
by Causes
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  • Rick
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    The American people need to know the extent of the FRAUD and TREASON that occurred. We have been bludgeoned with "FAKE news" for more than 3 years. How are we supposed to make informed decisions when the information that was blasted at US by the MSM was really phony PROPAGANDA? This has been a full frontal assault on the Constitution, the duly elected government and President, and the Liberty of the People. I believe it is the result of a thoroughly corrupt administration and party leaving office that was determined to hamstring the country so that they could take office again and never relinquish - these are communists (that is what so-called progressives are, read their history) in the attempted culmination of their century old plan and conspiracy to overthrow the Constitution and the government of the US! They must be eliminated immediately.


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