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Trump Gives World Health Organization 30 Days to Show Independence From China or U.S. Funding Suspension Will Become Permanent
by Causes
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  • Jeffrey
    Voted No

    That's retarded, cut funding to who during a pandemic. This is a time he should be giving who more money to try to help the world mitigate this virus. People are dying, lots of people and he is directly responsible for a bunch of those deaths. Why aren't people seeing this as the manslaughter that it is. Can you imagine dying a slow death of suffocation, how messed up is that? Trump is killing people and we should care about that, shouldnt we? Family's that have lost a loved one care I think. The buck stops there, with trump. He still hasn't got a testing plan in place nationally. He's failed miserably at every turn. He is no leader, he's a conman, and merchant of death who must be stopped. Get out and vote for our lives.


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