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Every COVID-19 Symptom We Know About Now
by Countable's Coronavirus Info Center
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  • Jeffrey

    A true leader leads by example. There is nothing trump does that sets a good example, unless you are a conman. Drs say wear a mask, so what does Don do? Doesn't wear a mask. Drs say hydro whatever is dangerous and not effective so he pushes it as a cure. He took an oath to protect the American people and he violates that oath daily. Shame on republicans that allowed him to continue his reign as mob boss who cheated his way into the highest position of power in the world, may they be voted out in the next election, if Americans turn out to vote like it is their duty, which it is. He is making Ted Bundy look like a saint by comparrison. Nobody can know exactly how many deaths he caused but without a doubt it's way way more then Ted. I'm just not sure why he is not enjoying the same fate as Ted, instead of having adoring fans. Get out and vote for our lives.


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