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Trump Fires State Department Watchdog Who Opened Probe Into Pompeo - Do You Support the Firing?
by Axios
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  • Jeffrey
    Voted Oppose

    Three and a half years into this term and how many key members on the president's team have been fired? Some positions have seen multiple firings. How can anything get done when the head of the Department is always learning a new job with different mindsets and mission objectives changing with each different boss. Constant chaos is a bad thing in any aspect of life, but in a presidential administration is catastrophic for the American people. The pandemic highlights the incompetance and complete failure to lead the world in the role of leader of the free world. America used to be the first to step up and set the example in times of crisis. The current person playing president won't even wear a mask as an example to follow as appropreate social protocol. He pushes drugs the FDA says are not helpful and are dangerous. The damage trump has done may never be repaired. The fact that the I.G. was investigating another trump cabinet member is no surprise, so much so I don't even care if it's investigated since nothing will come of it just like all the other scandals that have littered trumps mob boss reign. Get out and vote for our lives.


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