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Biden, Comey, & Obama's Chief of Staff Among List of Officials Who May Have Unmasked Flynn
by Causes
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  • Kim
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    This so called Obamagate is just another fake scandal cooked up by the right wing media. The Trump administration has issued thousands of unmasking requests per year. There is no evidence that any of the unmasking requests did not follow standard procedure or even that the officials themselves requested them versus someone in their offices. From the book Network Manipulation “The right-wing media ecosystem has developed into a completely distinct and insular ecosystem that operates purely on identity-confirming narratives. Fox News is the leading node in the right-wing ecosystem: It’s the primary source of stories, the primary source of accreditation, the primary source of attention.” This is true with Obamagate, Benghazi, Obama’s tan suit, and many more. Unfortunately we have 30-40 percent of our population that lives full time in that bubble and never comes out for air. They seem willing to believe the most bizarre conspiracy theories but totally ignore facts. It is sad and is tearing the country apart. It should be possible to have differences of opinion on policy but all be dealing with facts.

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