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Should We Consider Moving Election Day Because of Coronavirus?
by Causes
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  • Roman
    Voted No

    I do not think we should consider moving the date of the Election Day due to the Corona virus pandemic. In the United States we have a tradition of Election Day being on the “Tuesday next after the first Monday in the month of November”. Americans may not be able to vote the way they are used to due to the pandemic, but I don’t see a reason why we can’t come up with something to keep Election Day the same while keeping everybody safe. According to Mariam Schive with the World Economic Forum, the U.S could be expecting a second wave of Corona virus near Election Day, possibly worse than the first wave. Keeping this in mind, our goal should be to keep everyone as safe as possible while respecting the date of Election Day and the complications that may come with it if it is changed. If Election Day were to be changed, Congress would need to go through a lengthy process of making legislation to postpone Election Day until it eventually makes its way to the president to sign. This may also come with multiple legal difficulties. Instead, other options include keeping Election Day the same but resorting to mailing in ballots and going into polling places while practicing social distancing and other safety precautions. Just like Senator Roy Blunt stated, we have kept Election Day the same through the Civil War and in the middle of WW2, so why can’t we during this pandemic? Although mailing in ballots would be a lot more costly, I believe it is the most viable option.


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