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Dr. Fauci, Health Officials Testify on COVID-19 Response & Reopening America
by Causes
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  • Sean
    Voted Apathetic

    Take the politics out of this. Rather you like trump or not. I can’t see how name calling anyone is effective during this pandemic. Failure to regain traction with the opening of states would cause a serious catastrophe, with the expected 5 trillion in aid attempting from the government does anyone think we can keep up the pace of funding without any form of income? I am a bit baffled at our response since we have yet to really ascertain how the virus had begun. If we sit and complain about the government and response, how can you be comfortable allowing the government to control the healthcare we receive. To me, if you’re full of the hateful name calling, then are you a hypocrite for taking money issued under Trump?


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