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FBI Used Steele Dossier to Justify Surveillance of Trump Campaign Aide Carter Page Despite Warnings it Included Russian Disinformation
by Causes
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  • William

    This is talking about FISA surveillance of Carter Paige not the Mueller Investigation which was started when Comey was fired. Is the FBI politically compromised? No. Has the FBI been operating on the same excuses and abuses given since 911? Yes. The problem with the Justice Department isn’t political, it was give free reign to do what it wanted for far too long, even if on questionable sources. If anything blame Congress’ carte blanche after 911 that has enabled such abuses. Both parties are responsible for that. But this was not an “Obama hit job” as so many people in the Trump camp want to make it. He was doing plenty of other sketchy stuff to warrant and investigation. Let’s not lose sight of that.


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