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Have You Tried to Get Tested for COVID-19? Do You Want a Test? Were You Able to Get a Test?
by Causes
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  • brian
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    Four years ago, I was potentially cured of aggressive prostate cancer. Yet, since then I’ve had four PSA tests per year to be sure it hasn’t returned (it hasn’t). That is the same level of testing this country needs before it “opens up” (to the second wave of this pandemic. Yes, this country has too many people to ramp up to continual testing. But you could reliably test negative today and reliably test positive next week. And if you have symptoms it may already be too late. So this is why the asshole President should not have disbanded or cut funding from our CDC. That was one the stupidest things that asshole could have done. Other than JimK, of course, I hope the virus ravaged the red states. And this hope may be happening. This isn’t the Middle Ages, it’s the 21st century. We should have had a vastly better and less disruptive response to this pandemic. But instead, we are now a shithole banana republic.


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