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DeVos Issues Final Rules Overhauling Campus Sexual Assault Policies - Do You Support the Overhaul?
by Axios
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  • Sage
    Voted No

    Despite what MRAs would have you believe, the false accusation rate of rape and sexual assault is as low as it is for most other crimes (theft, etc), but I don’t see anyone determined to undermine the rights of theft victims on such a regular basis. Right now, it’s already too difficult for victims to get adequate protection— and colleges are much more protective of the perpetrators (true or false, assuming there are many of the latter to begin with) than anecdotal evidence lets on. Rapists will, on average, have SIX victims, whereas to imagine that a falsely accused person would ever incur more than one false accusation (which is one too many, but since the punishment is often being asked to leave the school vs being asked to endure the presence of someone who has violated you), asking victims to take on such a severe punishment instead— and for five others to bear that same punishment per protected assaulter— once again demonstrates who gets priority. No one seems concerned for the injustice foisted upon victims nearly as much as they are for the comparatively tiny proportion of falsely accused people who rarely even face consequences— let alone life-altering ones. Anyone can be falsely accused of anything at any time, but we don’t tailor our justice system to let all the true criminals get off scott free. There’s no reason why this should be any different.

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