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Track the States as They Begin Reopening - All 50 States in Phased Reopening: New Jersey & West Virginia Ease Restrictions Monday
by Causes
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  • brian
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    Testing. Testing. Testing. Like the damn tests we force on our school children. Only focused on something useful, like Covid-19. I was cured of aggressive prostate cancer four years ago. Yet I have PSA tests every three months to ensure the cancer wasn’t missed and has come back (it hasn’t). Covid-19 testing must be something similar. You could reliably test negative today and next week you could reliably test positive. We need testing and we need to track the positives. That way, we can accurately direct the opening of the economy without causing a resurgence of the pandemic. We gotta get back to the care and feeding of our billionaire overlords so they don’t have to miss any more meals. And testing is the only way. You can’t just assume everyone has the virus and shut down the entire country.

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