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Postal Service Bailout – Do You Support or Oppose It?
by Causes
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  • Ingrid

    With thanks to JimK, who stated this issue as clearly and completely as I ever could. i totally support providing that already authorized money to the Post Office, which was founded in the beginning of our country so that citizens could be provided with a free flow of information and maintain connection with one another. Especially in a rural state like mine, here in Maine, where internet can be iffy, it remains a vital organization that provides a necessary service and helps communities to function. The explanation shows why it has problems. The solution is to change the funding mandates it has been stuck with, not to destroy It!! Let’s see. The postal service as an entity is managed by a board of directors who set rates and establish policy. The USPS has been losing money under the governance of it’s board of directors - so let’s just fire the person responsible for appointing the board this board of directors. And that would be ………… the trump! The trump appoints nine of the eleven governing members who then appoint the Post Master General and the deputy as two more board members. When the USPS was made into a separate entity, the postal workers union was guaranteed that postal worker benefits would not change when they were separated from Federal Civil Service System, to gain union acceptance for the change. Then, in a remarkable piece of Republican legislation, the USPS was required to deposit full lifetime benefits into a holding account for any person employed by the USPS. A huge cost burden that no other public is private entity is required to bear. So republicans legislated higher personnel costs for the USPS than any other entity and trump appointed a board of directors which should have been approved by the trumpublican Senate (I don’t know if there are a bunch of temps or not), the trump appointed board will not permit the USPS to raise rates to cover costs, accepts Amazon’s rates to deliver packages and loses money. So for a cost burden artificially created by Republican legislators, mismanaged operating costs due to trump’s appointed governors, because the trump wants to avenge perceived slights by Jeff Bezos and it because it would be to the trump’s advantage to limit mail in ballots - - - the trump in classic self-serving narcissistic arrogance wants to not bail out a critical government institution suffering from issues imposed on them by the trump himself and by prior Republican legislators who have not seen a way to personally profit from keeping this resource available to America. Yeah, that sounds right. Yeah, par for the course. How low our Country has sunk. How easy it is to willfully mislead the public for self-serving political gain.

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