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Postal Service Bailout – Do You Support or Oppose It?
by Causes
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  • Hannah
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    We need to save the US Post Office. It has been in existence since before the Constitution was written. Ben Franklin considered it vital that every US resident had equal access to postal delivery. That needs to continue, especially in these pandemic times. The Post Office also provides good employment to underserved communities and many veterans. Rep. DeFazio’s H.R. 2382, on the USPS Fairness Act, passed by the House with a vote of 309 to 106, with 87 Republicans voting in favor of the bill. "In 2006, Congress passed a law to require the USPS to prefund 75 years worth of retiree health benefits in the span of ten years—a cost of approximately $110 billion. Although the money is intended to be set aside for future Post Office retirees, the funds are instead being diverted to help pay down the national debt." No other agency needs to meet such an onerous requirement. Please include Rep. De Fazio's bill, H.R. 2382, in the next pandemic stimulus bill. Thanks for listening.


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