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Coronavirus Unemployment Benefits Exceed Past Earnings for Some Workers - Should Benefits Be Capped at Prior Income?
by Causes
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  • Sandra
    Voted No

    This just shows how much we need UBI! And, we need to raise the minimum wage so that people can make a living wage! Those who are looking at the negative side of things - whining that this extra money is a bonanza which will cause people to not want to work, or they will be lazy are just promoting their own belief system and envious desire to get the extra money. It has always been a fact of life that those who protest too much about other’s behavior are jealous that someone is getting more than they are! We should celebrate the fact that the US government is trying to help people, not just corporations & billionaires! Ultimately the people who receive the unemployment will be able to contribute to the economy as we slowly come out of this crisis. And, they will be able to take care of themselves and their families. Don’t think that this crisis will be all gone and everything hunky-dory when the extended unemployment runs out! The government should have done more - not only expanded unemployment, but also healthcare for everyone who is unemployed. And these actions need to be automated, because this crisis is not going away in 2 or 4 months. A vaccine will take up to 2 years, and if they are successful in that amount of time; it will be a miracle. Normal vaccine development & testing prior to release takes 8 years.

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