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SCOTUS WATCH: Court Dismisses Gun Rights Case Democrats Threatened ‘Restructuring’ Over
by Causes
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  • Coal

    It is true that the second amendment was written during a time when people only had muskets, but so did the military of The British Empire. One of every powerful nation at the time. One of the reasons we were able to put up a fight during the American War for Independence was because people were able to counter the most powerful nation in the world with simple hunting rifles. A well regulated militia has the purpose of making sure a oppressive government never rises within the US. Now say in the future it does, then the people need to be able to fight back, and they won’t be able to do that with simple hunting rifles. So when making an argument about gun control, (and I agree we need some restrictions) remember what I have said when you want to bring up muskets and the time period when the 2nd amendment was written

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