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Georgia Reopens Hair Salons, Gyms, Bowling Alleys - What's an 'Essential Business'?
by Causes
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  • Julie
    Voted Maybe

    I live in Maryland where our governor actually gives a shit about the lives of the citizens in his state. He isn't afraid to go against his party for the good of the people. And he is doing a good job. And my representatives in Congress kick ass so I trust my governor. Other states? It depends, does the governor of the state in question have a backbone or are they a lap dog for their party? Either party. If they are doing what is best for their people and not the goddamned economy, then yeah, I'll trust them. If they are more concerned with kissing tRump's or Wall Street's ass than their people, then no. But when people start dying in large numbers, the governors who decided to open or ease restrictions are solely to blame. And voters should be reminded every damn day until election day. And they can be held accountable accordingly.


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