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Lysol Maker Refutes Trump’s Suggestion That Disinfectants May Treat Coronavirus
by Axios
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  • Sandra

    Where are the handlers of the idiot in the White House recommending people drink or inject a disinfectant? Oh, that’s right, no one has the guts to keep him from doing these insane press conferences/political rallies. Just further proof that he wants people to die. His excuse that he was being sarcastic doesn’t hold water. Presidents, good ones, do not use sarcasm when speaking about recommendations for behavior during a pandemic. Nor do they pretend to be a medical authority. It is completely amazing that people have taken this advice so seriously such that warnings against drinking bleach have needed to be released due to the high number of calls to medical officials received! How many actually try this, without calling??? Way to go PINO!!! Good way to decimate your base!

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