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Trump Signs Bipartisan Funding Deal for Small Business ‘Paycheck Protection Program’, Hospitals & COVID-19 Testing
by Causes
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  • Sandra

    I see all this response of thanks to essential workers, which is nice, but....these people are putting themselves out there on the front line. They should have additional income, be covered by free health insurance, their rent paid, proper PPE, etc. This is a war against the pandemic, and these people are putting themselves in danger for the greater good of the rest of us. It is unconscionable that the government’s response is to help large corporations over and above not only small businesses, but all of the people who are working so hard to help the rest of stay safe. Congress needs to stop making bills that are literally bandaids for the problem and put in automatic measures that would continue as long as needed by automatically rolling up as current measures, such as physical distancing, continue to be in place. Other countries, such as Germany, have done this. So it is not an unknown idea.

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