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Facebook Bans Some Anti-Lockdown Protest Pages - Do You Support the Ban?
by Axios
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  • Sandra

    Sorry, but I do not trust FB to do anything right. When zuck does something that “appears” right & honorable, you can bet it is in his own interest to do so. Not, in the interest of protecting people from mis-information. Being in Germany, it is difficult to get information regarding my US local political elections because of laws protecting privacy. Yet, many of those running for election only use FB to get their message out...unbelievable!!! And unconscionable!! FB is not a news source!! If FB wants to continue to present the news, then it must comply with the rules & regs that all reputable news organizations are required to comply with. If FB wants to be a social meeting place for friends & family to share with each other, then the platform needs to be revamped. One or the other, not both. FB is doing too little, too late - as usual

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