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The DC: Expanding food benefits (and how to apply for them), and... 📈Should Trump undo stay-at-home orders for the good of the economy?
by Causes
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  • Sue

    American government needs to ‘suck it up’ and save all the people we can during the virus and recovery. All the people in the country - not just the citizens or the party of choice or the color of the skin or the religion (or none) or the insurance (or lack of). As for Pres.. Trump removing ‘stay at home’ evicts = NO! All the places have their own particular needs and possibilities for which WH has no understanding because one must be on location to know what’s going on and what’s possible. That’s the practical side —> lives vs the pocketbook. The better, which is far from universal as it should be (and with teeth to make it work locally), would be to continue until the numbers change everywhere. The fact that we still are learning the characteristics of ‘tis particular virus, necessitates the continuing and even expanding the ‘stay at home’ edicts. Thanks

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