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Trump: ‘The Real People Want to Get Back to Work ASAP’ – Do You Want to End Coronavirus Lockdowns?
by Causes
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  • Tony
    Voted Yes

    IF your a LIBERAL DEMOCRAT, then staying at home and sitting on your ass looking for your extended UN-EMPLOYMENT "benefits" and $1200.00 plus $500 per child Emergency Stimulus handout is right up your alley. Right about now, your enjoying your "30 day free trial of Bernie Sanders brand Socialism." But the fact is, most of America wants to get back to work. The Idea that one size fits all when it comes to what states should stay in lockdown and what states shouldn't is nuts. In New York, California and Washington, they made their own bed long ago. By taking in all sorts of ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT FILTH who basically have no concept of basic hygiene. Leave alone washing their hands or covering their mouths when the cough. The governors declared "sanctuary states" and packed these Illegals n like sardines all through their cities. So it's no wonder that Washington state was the epicenter of the COVID-19 outbreak and that New York state no comprised over HALF the total COVID cases in the country. But the LIBERAL DEMOCRATS have only themselves to blame. They were quick to cry RACISM when Trump wanted to stop airline flights from China and Europe. Well, libtards, see the results of your FOULNESS and disgraceful rhetoric! Now they will be piling you and your relatives up in the cities like CORD WOOD in refrigerated trucks and tents as you perish as a result of your stupidity. But I digress.... In places like Mississippi and North Dakota, where hardly anyone has contracted COVID, people want to get back to work. Common sense and social distancing, along with making sure the elderly and those who have health issues that would cause death from COVID, are protected. On top of that, the taxpayers just laid out over $2 TRILLION to try and bolster our economy. The most money EVER laid out for economic stability in ANY crisis. In the end? WE WILL ALL PAY FOR THIS and the longer this SOCIALIST FREELOADING goes on? The more we'll pay. Not just us, but our children and our children's children. The LAUGHABLE part of this? LIBERALS are quick to advocate for the "GREEN NEW DEAL" to save the planet for our children. But they have ABSOLUTELY NO PROBLEM letting OUR CHILDREN pick up the CRIPPLING NATIONAL DEBT caused in large part by their GREED and BLATANT STUPIDITY.

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