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How Does the CARES Act Help Small Businesses With the COVID-19 Crisis?
by Causes
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  • Latricia
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    So the Senate passed the financial relief. There are a few bright points such as aid to hospitals, small businesses, and temporary increases in unemployment benefits. However, the big winners are the corporate welfare parasites while many of the Americans who still have jobs are thrown a few crumbs. I’m confident that the House will pass the bill. Many will reluctantly vote in favor because to oppose the bill will further delay desperately needed financial relief. The administration is busy patting themselves on the back and bragging how quickly they rescued the country. However, let’s not forget that they have known about this for months and rather than proactively planning for this eventuality, they procrastinated until they were forced by public pressure to take action. The grifters in our government quickly seized upon the opportunity to enrich themselves and the vulture capitalists of the country.

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