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Trump: ‘The Real People Want to Get Back to Work ASAP’ – Do You Want to End Coronavirus Lockdowns?
by Causes
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  • Cindy
    Voted No

    While this virus might well end up being one that we will have vaccines for in the future and we might think of it like a flu, there is too much unknown about the virus now. The tone from last week was good. This week, the presidents tone is beginning to minimize the importance of social distancing, keeping group contact to emergencies only and working from home if needed. You can't set a goal for the end of the virus. We need to just keep plugging along. This, too, shall pass. While i certainly understand the glory of being able to be with my congregation on Easter, i thought it irresponsible for the president to use that as a date. I felt he was using Easter as a date the president can be glorified, not GOD.


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