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Trump: ‘The Real People Want to Get Back to Work ASAP’ – Do You Want to End Coronavirus Lockdowns?
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    Well, we've all been hearing from the "experts" giving us the "possible" infection rate and the death toll from COVID-19. The Imperial Research center in the UK say that Social Distancing and non essential business lockdowns should be maintained for 18 months. Here in the U.S., the spread of the virus seems to be far less, at this point, than we were told it would be at the beginning of the month of March. Aside from three states, New York, California and Washington state, the virus seems to have had minimal to moderate impact. Now, while the Corporate Controlled Liberal Propaganda Media is busy spreading fear, by sensationalizing this outbreak. there is little "substance" to back up the data, based previous global viral outbreaks, where NO VACCINE was readily available, to support the ongoing fear mongering. SO, what IS going on here? Well, for openers, let's look at previous "global" outbreaks, including N1 A1 (swine flu) and it's impact on the U.S. population. Well over 50 million infected with about 10,000 deaths. Based on the current ratio of infected to death involving COVID-19, we aren't anywhere near N1 A1 numbers. What apparently happened was "panic" due to the reported quick spread of COVID. Secondly, no information was coming out of China, where the virus originated to either substantiate or dismiss the TRUE IMPACT the virus would have on OUR population. Now, given that N1 A1 "flu" was more of a health crisis than COVID is at this point. WHY is the government acting like THIS is a crisis that warrants a near COMPLETE shut down of business, putting people out of work and sending our nation's economy back into the blighted OBAMA ERA? At the beginning of this week, alternative treatments (aside from a vaccine) have been introduced. Drugs that ALREADY exist are KNOWN to treat and arrest the COVID -19 virus. Chloroquine and Hydroxy Chloroquine among a few others) are being tested and in at least some cases, is known to have worked on patients with severe symptoms of the virus. The announcement that these drugs work were not missed by the New York State Governor, Andrew Cuomo. HE immediately ordered as much of these drugs as he could get his hands on. WHY would he do that IF he didn't believe that these drugs would work to combat COVID? So where are we in all of this right now? Well, in a GIANT pile of crap. Concocted by fear and blatant stupidity, idiot government "experts" (see Dr. Anthony Fauci) who simply repeated the unfounded of information and replaced it with SPECULATION. Along with politicians who've now POLITICIZED this entire "crisis." To the tune of $2 TRILLION taxpayer dollars I might add. A sum which ballooned from $800 Billion just weeks ago. Now, back to the actual "virus" itself. During ANY FLU outbreak, what does one do? Ok, masks may help. But washing ones hands, going out as little as possible and avoiding unnecessary contact with others. Keeping an eye on one's children and the elderly to make sure they don't get sick. Have supplies to deal with coughing and body aches on hand. Cleaning around the house and car to keep the germs off of surfaces you come in contact with and if told, keep the kids home from school for a week. YOU DON'T STOP GOING TO WORK. The government DOESN'T shut down restaurants and stores. THIS IS NOT A ZOMBIE ATTACK or a THERMAL NUCLEAR WAR! It's a VIRUS that in a month or two, using the alternative treatments, should abate itself enough where we won't have to worry about it too much, if we are unfortunate enough to get it. In the months to come, there will be a vaccine to combat COVID-19. At that point, this will all be a bad memory. OR WILL IT? You see, the COST of all of this has yet to be revealed! The STUPIDITY in listening to the "government experts" and the DEMOCRAT'S CASH GRAB while the country was in a state of panic, WILL come back to haunt us. At that point, we'll ALL come to see this whole "crisis" as being manufactured. At first, inadvertently out of fear and lack of factual information. Then as the Political TRASH PILE that resulted from fear and panic. What the Democrats failed to do in almost 4 years in trying to undermine the Trump Presidency, by looking to somehow ruin the economy and blame Trump for it, was handed them, on a PLATE, by a virus born out of China. A fortunate circumstance that Democrats have taken full advantage of. OR, maybe not. There is still several months before the Presidential Election. There is STILL time for Trump to resurrect the economy and the Stock Market. Question is, with all the handout cash going out the door, will people and business take advantage of it and stay home choosing not to work or restore their business to pre COVID conditions? Perhaps. But one thing's for sure. This was the greatest folly and knee jerk situation EVER demonstrated in the history of the United States. Likely? THE MOST COSTLY. But when this is looked at in the coming months and years, we WILL bend over, holding our heads in our hands, OUT OF PURE DISGUST in our own stupidity and ask ourselves. HOW we let this happen???? WE allowed a MIS INFORMED GOVERNMENT and FEAR MONGERING MEDIA to take FULL CONTROL of our lives and put us in a terrible situation. For which we, our children and our children's children will pay for dearly.

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