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Trump: ‘The Real People Want to Get Back to Work ASAP’ – Do You Want to End Coronavirus Lockdowns?
by Causes
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  • Judy
    Voted No

    Ending the medical shutdown and precautions is a foolish and careless act. Such an act is not for the welfare of the people of America. Learn from the perils of what other countries are going through. We are quickly going in the same direction and still are not doing the appropriate actions to offset the health problems We need to be totally proactive and with not even a reactive plan the United States is surely doomed. Our elected leaders are not leading, not showing leadership for the well-being of the people who elected them. More concern is given to big business and paybacks then to the people who elected the Congress. The President is demonstrating increased public signs that the 25th amendment needs to be applied. Leadership skills in our pandemic crisis are being replaced with increased word salads of nonsense, public out bursts of temper in reply of questions asking for public addresses of emphatic understanding and comfort, informational addresses turning into self back patting rallies, and false medical information given to the public. Knowledgeable medical professionals are available and not allowed to speak or address the public. The objectivity of the Presidential Office is totally missing. It is no more for the people. Time to save our country and people from certain destruction.

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