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What's the Status of the 'Phase 3' Coronavirus Relief Bill?
by Causes
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  • Cindy
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    I definitely support the bill - with ONE EXCEPTION... there needs to be wording put in to keep businesses from 1) using their bailout money for stock buybacks (if they didn't do that by the end of January, then they were in trouble anyway); 2) keep the bailout money for businesses from going to upper management pay raises and bonus monies. Those businesses that did that with the tax cut money and the 2008 bailout should be ashamed of themselves. But, because of that record, it is necessary in a bill. I know those folks are not ashamed of themselves, but it shows the worst of our economy and capitalism. Why can the larger business bailouts be held in another bill so that taxpayers and medical help can be passed TODAY? Then, the other can be hashed out to pass later this week? I know it decreases leverage for both sides, but shouldn't that be the least of worries for our congress men and and women?


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