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Senate Democrats Block Coronavirus Economic Relief Bill For a Second Time
by Causes
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  • Judy
    Voted Support

    Long term economic support is needed for the common person. They are the true foundation of our economy as they support the local stores, businesses and put money where it is readily used by all. People make the profit for the 1% which means there is no trickle down. This is really a building up economy. A one time supplement check to the people will not do much to supplement the economy for any length of time. Big businesses, hotels, transportation etc. are able to secure very low cost loans to tide them over. The last huge tax cut for them allowed them to purchase their own stock and make money. This was not a trickle down help to anyone. Do not make the same mistake again. Cruise lines do not pay taxes to the US but register in other countries to pay cheaper taxes. So why would we use our taxpayer money to bail them out? If anything, pay reasonable “rent” to make the cruise ship a hospital ship until this crisis is over. Get something for the money. All in all, help the people and small town businesses long term to build a long term strong economy with a strong base. Work together be bipartisan and help the people who voted and put Congress there to help us. Now is the time to do your job. Now is the time to live up to your oath. Now is the time to be AMERICAN.

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