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Biden Sweeps First Primaries Since Coronavirus Declared National Emergency
by Axios
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  • Tony
    Voted No

    Ok people, the Presidential election, at this point, is the last thing on my mind right now. Surviving this COVID-19 outbreak will dictate whether or not I'll be around to vote in November. HOWEVER, in speaking about this outbreak, there is something we ALL should know, but are not being told. On July 17th 2002, a $60 BILLION dollar expenditure was legislated for the PUBLIC HEALTH SECURITY AND BIOTERRORISM PREPAREDNESS ACT. It was SIGNED INTO LAW and the funding was approved. This legislation was passed in the shadow of the 9/11 attacks on our country. What the "PHSABPA" was SUPPOSED to do was direct ALL agencies of the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT as to what their RESPONIBILTY and "mission" was should an outbreak of a "weaponized" VIRAL AGENT become evident and spread into the population. This would include making SURE that vaccines would be available for KNOWN viruses that became weaponized, in order to inoculate the public. The CORONA VIRUS was one such virus that SHOULD have been on the list of possible "weaponized" viruses. As it exists in nature and could be "engineered" into a bio weapon. In addition, the PHSABPA was supposed to make certain, that the Medical Establishment had AMPLE equipment on hand and BED SPACE to accommodate the need for MASS HOSPITALIZATIONS and ensure EMERGENCY TREATMENT CENTERS would be set up to deal with THOUSANDS of people infected. ALL of the necessary protocols were to be SHARED and coordinated with such agencies as the CDC, FDA, Department of Agriculture, the Federal Reserve and the Department of Homeland Security. Among several other Federal agencies. SO, while this viral outbreak "reportedly" is NOT a BIO WEAPON ATTACK, the REQUIRED RESPONSE PROTOCOLS to deal with a MASS PANDEMIC of this nature, were ALREADY "allegedly" IN PLACE! PAID FOR BY THE TAXPAYERS back in 2002! The "MILLION DOLLAR QUESTION" (or $60 billion dollar question) is WHY the PHSABPA was not ACTIVATED? WHY did Congress have to expend another $8.4 BILLION to deal with the COVID-19 outbreak? WHERE did OUR $60 BILLION GO? Even MORE, Why is it that the FEDERAL AGENCIES, who were charged with a mission protocol under the PHSABPA, seem NOT to have a "game plan" to deal with this pandemic? Especially since they were required under the PHSABPA of 2002 to have already DONE SO! THIS is the problem with the American people. They don't remember when billions of dollars were spent for things like the PHSABPA. Leave alone what they had for breakfast this morning. So the scum in Washington get away with spending BILLIONS for programs like the PHSABPA which NEVER get enacted. Leaving US in the situation we're in now. Now Schumer, McConnell, Pelosi and others were around when they "voted" to spend $60 BILLION on the PHSABPA in 2002. PRAY TELL! WHERE DID THE MONEY GO?

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