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The DC: Paid leave and food aid during the coronavirus outbreak, and... 🧫Should the U.S. provide free COVID-19 tests?
by Causes
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  • Sue

    Even though this effort would be monumental, the importance & critical situation covid-19 presents plus the facts of the truly unknown patterns of this virus, it is necessary that the full testing of all potential patients - possibly even the population as established so far as the target- need to have tests paid for. At this time, the target population has been increasingly established, but with the addition of the two Utah Jazz NBA players - not all ‘old’ and previously compromised persons. The vast number of people who have no health coverage must be afforded the right to be tested, Of the providers do fully agree to waive copays for covered people, the effect is defeated if all persons needing the test are left ‘undone.’ The totality of the world pandemic situation demands all hands on deck and all people tested. It is fully possible that failure to do so and the real possibility of the virus morphing as well as seasonal changes coming, the re-emergence of this version or even a more aggressive strain could happen. Please work to pass this non-fee testing scenario -at least for the non/covered people . Thanks

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