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Joe Biden Wins South Carolina Primary - Would You Vote for Biden?
by Axios
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  • Kristy
    Voted Sad

    You people who scream blue no matter who, and never Trumpers, are a bunch of osterages. You fail to see the good he's done because you hate the man. I don't like him, but I can tell he's done a lot for this country. I only voted for him the first time because he wasn't Hillary. (If she would have won the presidency, I would have had to deal with that. Thank God she didn't) No matter who our president is, we should wish them well, and pray for them to have wisdom, because the country is better off if they do a good job. Trump comes across as a womanizing buffoon, but he's not stupid. He's made a lot of good policies, and if any of you would get your head out of the sand long enough to pay attention to the good he's done, you'll see he's not such a bad president. Your vote should be for what's best for this great country, and if there is no clear choice, like in 2016, pick the lesser of the evils. I, personally, will not be voting for anyone who wants to turn this country into a socialist country. That worked out so well for Venezuela. NAFTA was a nightmare. In my aria, unemployment skyrocketed, as soon as it went into affect. Thank Trump for bringing jobs back. But you people won't, because all you can see is Orange Man Bad. Sure, I'll say orange man bad, but Hillary was much much worse, and from the sound of the socialist Democrat party, so are almost all of them. What this country needs, is someone who hasn't gone off the far left deep end. The front runners of the Dems just don't fit that bill. Wake up Dems, your party sucks, and has nothing good to offer. And before you start trashing me as a Republican, let me stop you right there, I'm a centrist independent.


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