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Your Healthcare Horror Stories
by If You Can Keep It
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  • Kristy
    Voted Yes

    For those of you who think the ACA was Affordable, you don't know what it's like to be working poor, and have Insurance you couldn't afford thrust upon you, or pay a fine you couldn't afford, because you couldn't' afford the insurance the government made mandatory. Insurance that didn't cover a whole lot, and wasn't really worth having. I was working for a 3rd party insurance group at the time ACA took affect. Many people lost their affordable insurance plans, plans they liked, because the insurance companies could no longer offer it. their premiums went up, and the level of care that was offered was much less. If anyone "lost" their insurance after it was not made mandatory for them to have it, it's because they dropped it, so they could afford to buy food or pay their rent. Not because anyone took it away from them. I'm all for doing away with pre-existing conditions, but making insurance mandatory, for those who can't afford it, is cruel. Expand Medicaid if you must, to law abiding CITIZENS, who are working but can't afford it, but don't force people to buy insurance they can't afford. Also, DO NOT MAKE IT "FREE" FOR EVERYONE, because it's not FREE for everyone. Just the people who don't pay taxes. Insurance companies should honor their insurance policies, and there should be, harsh, penalties to those who don't. But, as I said before, Universal Healthcare doesn't work. One only has to look at other country's to know this.


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