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Your Healthcare Horror Stories
by If You Can Keep It
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  • Kristy
    Voted Yes

    Universal healthcare doesn't work. I have friends in other countries that have been put on waiting lists, for surgeries that could save their lives, because their universal healthcare won't see them until after the more critical cases have been taken care of. A couple of them, while on the waiting list to have a surgery, that would prevent breast cancer, actually got cancer, this moved them closer to the top of the list. I don't want that to happen here. The USA has a terrific health care system, making it a universal program would sacrifice the quality of care we receive here. Plus, who's going to pay for this? The tax payer, Me. I will have to pay more in taxes than what my current insurance premiums cost. No thank you. If you want to pay for the rest of the country's welfare out of your pocket, you have that right. Donate to charities that will help cover medical costs, but don't make it mandatory for the rest of us. I donate what I can, when I can. But universal healthcare is asking the working poor to pay for the non working masses. I say Absolutely Not to universal healthcare, and anyone who supports it.


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