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Bernie Sanders Wins Nevada Caucus - Would You Vote for Bernie?
by Axios
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  • Aswin
    Voted Sad

    I did not listen to every detail in the debate but I kept my eye on body language from each of the candidates. Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders did not control themselves well in the debate and you noticed this when they kept wanting to interject and talk. I do not want Bernie to have his heart attack again. He seems to be very old for the job and lots of dandruff from his head too. He will not and can not beat Trump for sure. Biden always seems puzzled as he answers and seems unable to think quickly on his feet. Klobachar gets angry easily when any remarks are made about her and she always speaks positively about herself all the time. The President of the United States should have a calm, collected manner and be able to think fast on their feet. Pete has all those abilities, is able to think on his feet quickly and he responds well to questions. Pete have the best idea with Medicare for all who want it, and I respect his idea for making public lands and waters part of the climate solution. He is right about our nation’s history, there will be more older adults than children. In 2020, half of adults who reach 65 will require long-term care.

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