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Bernie Sanders Wins Nevada Caucus - Would You Vote for Bernie?
by Axios
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  • Leslie

    @Marian: You ask what moderate means in terms of one issue so here is my take on healthcare. Progressives want Medicare for All which is estimated to cost $3 Trillion/year whether based on scaling up the current Medicare program for those 65 and older and is $600 Billion/year (15% of the current US budget to cover 16% of the US population) or based on the Canadian experience which costs $300 Billion/year for 1/10th the US population, but annual tax receipts are only $3 Trillion per year. So if you use the entire US Budget for healthcare what happens to everything else? Moderates want healthcare for all by adding a public option to ACA with an estimated cost of $12 Billion/year which can be paid with scaling down military, and made available to anyone not covered or not happy with their coverage. The major problems with the Progressive approach are: 1) How will it be paid for? No other expenditures can exist in the US Budget if it costs as much as the entire US Budget. 2) How will legislation be enacted? Mitch McConnell has blocked all legislation coming from a Democratic House. 3) How will it be implemented by forcing everyone all at once off private insurance to government insurance. 4) How will you keep the House blue when many Democratic Congress people come from moderate & swing states? The House was red till mid-terms (2018) until dissatisfied moderates & independents switched from red to blue 5) How will you get more Democratic Senators by unseating moderate Republicans suffering from their vote to acquit Trump? Democratic candidates running say they will lose if Bernie is the Presidential candidate. 6) How will you win a Presidential general election which needs to attract moderate Republicans & independents. Bernie calls himself an independent but he is really a socialist. He is not a typical independent that is a moderate that may vote either Republican or Democrat? 7) Who has the best track record for sponsoring & enacting legislation? Biden tops the list at 43, followed by Klobuchar at 24, then Warren at 7 & Bernie at 6. Radical transformation will require a substantial implementation plan & not one progressive candidate has explained how it will be turned into legislation, enacted, paid. I blame the debate moderators & Democratic moderate candidates for not challenging Progressive candidates on this topic in debates! Adding a public option is incremental change, all ready proposed but never enacted that can be resurrected & implemented to provide healthcare for all. Radical transformation will result in legislative gridlock at best.

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