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Bernie Sanders Wins Nevada Caucus - Would You Vote for Bernie?
by Axios
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  • GeneralViper191
    Voted Happy

    Personally, I love the consistency and stubbornness of Sanders. He sticks to his values. However, his policies are unfortunately not politically realistic in the U.S. Pete Buttigieg has more realistic reforms that still move the country left in an incremental manner. The problem I am having trouble solving is I don’t know whether a Bernie Sanders or Pete Buttigieg, respectively representing the progressive and moderate wings of the party, will result in higher turnout for the Democrats. I personally believe that trying to get moderate Republicans to vote Democrat is a complete waste of time, a Democrat is akin to the devil for most Republicans. So with that in mind, I think Bernie Sanders will have a better shot at firing up the Democratic base by bringing in more voters and therefore a better chance of beating Trump. I do fear that the incorrect “socialist” label will increase turnout among Republicans but I hope that would be offset by the new Democratic support. Bernie Sanders learned from 2016 and has expanded his coalition to include young Latino and African Americans instead of just young people like me. Ultimately, I don’t have the knowledge to reasonably predict what would enable the Democrats to oust Trump, retain the House and gain the Senate while also massively increasing their presence in the state legislatures. That is what I truly want for the Democratic Party, if they hold power at the state level in most states they will be able to test out a progressive policies and find what works best without having to compromise with Republicans who seem to sabotage any effort at governance.

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