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Court Upholds Ruling Against Trump’s Travel Ban, Lengthy Legal Battle Likely
by Causes
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  • Ken

    This is an unfortunate situation in many ways. However, sometimes we have to air our dirty laundry before it gets cleaned, even if it is painful. It would appear that is how a young democracy keeps from going off the tracks. As a result of this dispute I have learned the 9th Circuit is also know as the "nutty ninth" and the "circus circuit" and 87 percent of it's appeals to the Supreme Court are over turned. This is unfortunate for our judicial system and our country and needs to be reformed. It is also clear our judicial system is political. That is why so much attention is given to the balance of the Supreme Court. It is unfortunate but as long as the judiciary is made up of people it will always be the case. We can only hope that through the process of appeals and multiple judges we will be able to find balance. Also unfortunate is the fact that we hear mostly from the extreme left and right and the silent majority is not represented in the media. Fortunately elected officials know that the silent majority does vote and despite the din echoed by the media they had better stay grounded in reality if they want to get re-elected. Personally, I believe it is important our President and Commander in Chief, whomever he/she is at the time, be able to act decisively and quickly to protect our National security. Congress, if they do not like the Presidents actions, can deliberate and respond after the fact. What is in the best interest of National security is not a judicial decision. And those who holler racism do our country a disservice and threaten our security because it is not correct and it can enrage people, especially those who are not emotionally balanced and stable. We are not a racist country. Take a look around. We recently elected a black president. We have elected officials of all genders, races, religions and national origin. It is impossible to speak to the bias of every individual, but, I find it offensive when some suggest we are country of bigots. Some political strategist suggest the reason the left did not prevail in the election is because of their bias against those who do not agree with them. Perhaps it is time for all of us to stop and take a long look in the mirror. I defy any one to see a perfect person with perfect ideology.


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