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How Much Do You Spend a Month on Healthcare? What’s Your Horror Story?
by If You Can Keep It
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  • John
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    Imagine going to a restaurant. There’s a waiting line, 15 minutes so you sit at the bar and have a drink, $7.50 each on the menu. A table opens and you order the special @$28.00, a glass of wine for $12.00 and you companion orders a meal for $26.00 and a glass of wine for $8.00. You enjoy the meal, pass on the desert and ask for the bill, expecting it to be around $89-$90. When the waiter drops it off, you look at it and it’s for $210.00. Your jaw drops. When you challenge the waiter, he explains that the Bartender doesn’t work directly for the restaurant, but is a contractor and his bill to make your drinks is $25.00. The waiter is also a contractor and the cost of serving you is $45.00.The cook, well yes, he too is a contractor and his cost to prepare and cook your meals is $50.00. That is exactly how the medical system in the USA works and it SUCKS!!

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