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How Much Do You Spend a Month on Healthcare? What’s Your Horror Story?
by If You Can Keep It
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  • Rick.Sanchez
    Voted Angry

    $1925.00 per month for my wife and I. I start getting Medicare this year. This is a $1000. per year deductible plan. $25. co pay $50 co-pay specialist. That is almost double what we pay for a mortgage in California. Neither of us have pre-existing conditions. Both of us had insurance through work and both of us have had our employer change our plans where we had to change doctors. When we both lost our jobs due to the 2008 recession, we had to pay for private insurance. We qualified for subsidies 2 years when our income was low. Is THAT the choice both Republicans and moderate Democrats talk about all the time? The complete uncertainty and LACK of choice we really have is something I would happily give up for Universal Health care.

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