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How Much Do You Spend a Month on Healthcare? What’s Your Horror Story?
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  • Rebekah
    Voted Angry

    We have to spend more than $1,200 per month for 2 people ONLY for premiums, with NO dental or vision or copays or deductibles, even with the ObamaCare subsidy. (All those who hate ObamaCare, please remember that plan was devised by the conservative Heritage Foundation to increase insurance profits and shoved down our throats as a “compromise”!) In other countries, a preexisting condition is your medical history, not a reason to deny care. I’d be delighted to “give up” this ridiculous, immoral, money making scam and pay just $200 more (at most! only for those with highest incomes!) to pay NO premiums, no deductibles, no copays, no pharmacy, no dental, no vision, and no long term care bills! For those who say they’re paying for someone else’s care, you’re paying for their (and your own) water, roads, police, fire, libraries, disaster response, schools, mail, etc. Grow up. This is how “We the People” in civilized societies care for one another’s “pursuit of happiness”. If you don’t like it, please do consider moving to a 3rd world country unfettered by pesky taxes and regulations, with lots of freedom to enjoy raw sewage in the streets, rampant disease, unalloyed poverty, unsafe food, and other libertarian delights. The majority of us DO give a damn about those Christ called “the least of these among you”.

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