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House Warned of Russian Effort to Re-Elect Trump - Are You Concerned About Russian Interference in the 2020 Election?
by Axios
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  • Lynne
    Voted Maybe

    People have got to think for themselves. Pay attention to what’s really going on. I remember reading all that garbage about Hillary on the internet. But anyone with a brain knew it was nonsense. I have never heard exactly what Hillary did that caused Benghazi. The Clinton foundation has a triple A rating from the people who investigate charities. But none of that mattered. Every time something’s reported that trump doesn’t like he screams fake news. He lies constantly. But the sheeple that follow him don’t care if he says it it’s true. People believe what they want to believe. Russians don’t have to try very hard to interfere in our elections. stupid, weak minded people who refuse to look at real facts and think for themselves do the Russians work for them.


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