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Roger Stone Sentenced to More Than 3 Years in Prison - Do You Support the Sentence?
by Axios
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  • Christopher
    Voted Oppose

    I don’t support none of them going to prison for this crime, until the crime committed is fair ! This has been a travesty of political corruption, committed by partisan Liberal Prosecutors, the President is right, in calling it out ! If the President doesn’t speak about the corruption committed, by people in the upper levels of the Justice Department, who in Gods name will, no one ! U think it’s unfair for Bill Barr to threaten his boss with resignation, if the President doesn’t stop tweeting about it ! He shouldn’t be allowed to threaten the President, I thought Bill Barr was supposed to help in the Corrupt sentencing of Roger Stone, I don’t see how he helped at all ! Bill Barr, needs to put a fire under Durhams ass, and get the others in the Justice Department indicted for the corruption and crimes committed on our President, and others, this has to happen, or 64+million people will never believe in any Intel agency or FBI, ever again!!! Start supporting our President, or u will be out of Congress & the Senate !


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