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Roger Stone Sentenced to More Than 3 Years in Prison - Do You Support the Sentence?
by Axios
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  • Carol
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    Roger Stone, with the notorious tattoo of Nixon proudly emblazoned on his back, has been a nefarious character on the American scene for decades. He and Trump share a narcissism and contempt for the truth, if it advances their self-centered sense of celebrity or publicity, no matter the cost to anyone in their way. Trump will try to pardon Stone, who lied to Congress, obstructed justice, engaged in illegal witness tampering while threatening the presiding judge, but a pardon from Trump would be another severe abuse of power. Stone knows everything, and a pardon would obliterate Stone’s 5th amendment protection. Is Trump that impaired that he really believes he can use his pardon power for corrupt purposes—to protect himself? We know the answer is yes from the GOP Senate, who are ultimate cowards regarding defending the Rule of Law. It’s now up to the American people to vote to save democracy.

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