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Roger Stone Sentenced to More Than 3 Years in Prison - Do You Support the Sentence?
by Axios
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  • Kathleen
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    Yes but you and I know that trump will pardon stone. Why? Well in the words of jimK: Autocracies don’t just happen, they are created by a national leader who systematically destroys the faith of the public in the Institutions available to protect them and a legislative body too afraid or too complacent to stop them. When the public loses faith in the free press, they find the only consistent source of ‘truth’ to be that of the ‘leader’ who dominates the available news and constantly challenges the free press with a stream of plausible sounding but unfounded ‘alternate facts’ that, once each is categorically disproven, are simply replaced with a new ‘alternate fact’ until public faith in the veracity of free press is destroyed (Russians refer to this as providing a firehose of ‘alternate facts’) - the public loses faith in a critical institution and the autocracy gets stronger. … … … When the ‘leader’ is permitted to take charge of and direct the highest law enforcement agency in the country and use law enforcement as both their personal shield and their sword, to protect allies and punish foes, the public sees inequities in the enforcement of the laws and loses faith in the in the ability of the government to fairly execute the laws, and makes them much less likely to challenge the ‘leader’ when they fear retribution - we lose faith in another Institution and the autocracy grows stronger yet. … … … Next, we have our Intelligence Service whose job is to present unbiased facts gathered from many sources regarding foreign threats to all of our policy makers, so that they can make informed decisions. When the ‘leader’ does not like the facts reported and replaces the director overseeing all of these services with a loyalist that has no background whatsoever in intelligent services for the sole purpose of suppressing intelligence facts that the leader does not like, and replaces the deputy with another beholden and unqualified political hack (in this case, a Kevin Nunes congressional aid, whose prior job was to traverse Europe to generate political dirt for use against Biden)- we will lose faith in yet another key government institution and the autocracy will grow even stronger. … … … Wake up people! Take back and support our key institutions! Wake up trumpublican Senators or soon we will be forced to suffer lifetime governance by our new Ayatollah trump! This will happen underneath our complacent self-serving noses if those who have the authority to stop trump will not act while they still can.

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