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House Warned of Russian Effort to Re-Elect Trump - Are You Concerned About Russian Interference in the 2020 Election?
by Axios
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  • Chris
    Voted Yes

    What's worrisome is that the Republican party welcomes it and has spent the last 50 years attacking the middle class and unions. Union busting is a field populated by bullies and built on deceit. A campaign against a union is an assault on individuals and a war on the truth. As such, it is a war without honor. The only way to bust a union is to lie, distort, manipulate, threaten, and always attack. The United States is a union of citizens who are getting lied to, attacked, and threatened by the president and the president's party every day. That being viewed as normal in this nation is equally as worrisome as the KGB owning our president and meddling in our elections.

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