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‘This Is About Freedom’: The Argument Against Medicare for All
by If You Can Keep It
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  • Ken

    Cripes, this question is stupidly posed. That said, suggesting that we should give up on a national single payer plan because a specific state wasn’t able to pull it off is just plain idiotic. The federal government has powers and capabilities states simply don’t have. A state doesn’t have the same bargaining power the federal government has, and states obviously don’t have the monopolistic ability to pass laws on a national scale that would impact the entire healthcare, drug and insurance industries. Right now, we individually pay more in premiums than we would in taxes to cover Medicare for all. Private insurance companies have to make a profit; the federal government merely needs to balance the books more or less evenly. That’s a whole layer of money we save right there! Drug companies profiteer and jack up prices. Have you priced insulin recently? What about epipens? It’s ridiculous! The federal government could make this practice illegal and set limits on the profits drug companies make on the backs of those who are unwell. Even hospitals charge unevenly for the same services, causing some people to get screwed at the expense of the rest of us, or even just screwed when their insurance won’t pay for out of network service. The current health care situation in this country is massively inefficient and is ineffective for the vast majority of American citizens. This is unacceptable! So if you’re going to say “Medicare for all is a bad idea”, then I want to hear your better alternative plan in the same sentence! Do you intend to keep Americans paying more for healthcare and getting less service than any other top industrialized nation? Should we be happy with being behind Mexico, Canada, England and Germany when it comes to healthcare? Seriously? What better alternative do you propose? Simply saying Medicare for all is impossible without presenting a better alternative is like saying people who can’t afford insurance should just go die in a ditch.

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