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‘Democrats Take a Huge Risk if We Just Substitute One Arrogant Billionaire for Another’: Key Quotes From the Nevada Debate
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    I am very concerned about this election because America is in a constitutional . In my opinion this is the reality; America is not ready to elect a female, or a socialist, or an openly gay ( married) man to be the President of the United States. If the democrats want to beat Trump they can'f afford to take such a huge risk. THE STAKES ARE MUCH TOO HIGH. If a billionaire or a socialist should win in the primary to run against Trump they will definitely lose almost guaranteeing the possibility of a DOOM DEMOCRATIC PARTY! Personally, I think that Joe Biden with a female or person of color on the ticket for vice president would have a much better chance of beating Trump in 2020. Let's not forget that Trump IS IMPEACHED because of he wanted Ukraine to investigate the Biden's. That tells me that Joe Biden is the ONLY person running that Trump is truly afraid that can run against him and win . Let's not take our eyes of the ball America we are fighting to keep our democracy from becoming an autocracy. That being said; I will support whomever becomes the nominee. Let's vote Trump and his enablers OUT in 2020! Just saying!

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