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Roger Stone Sentenced to More Than 3 Years in Prison - Do You Support the Sentence?
by Axios
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  • Phyllis
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    So now that some of the details about today's trial start coming out, we find, much to our surprise, that Trump has been implicated in Stone's case. So my question now, is there the possibility that there is further work to be done once Trump leaves office. Here is what I know for sure, behavior has meaning. Anyone who has had Psychology 101 learns first and foremost, behavior has meaning. Therefore, when we see Trump goes absolutely berserk for no apparent reason, you can bet there is a reason. This is why all the pardons, the constant "it's so unfair, and the attempt to get Stone a sentence of probation. It had nothing to do with his age or how unfair it is. He knows the longer he sits in prison the more he knows Stone may start to reconsider his loyalty. This makes perfect sense as Trump is completely self-serving. If Trump pardons Stone now, this is going to be an attempt to possibly obstruct a case into himself. Trump is not the main law enforcement officer of the country. No one believes that. And now we find out Trump tried to hide from the American people that Russia is in the process of trying to help Trump win the 2020 election. It is obvious that the Trump administration is the gang who couldn't shoot straight. This is a constant flagrant disruption of American citizens rights to a fair election. The American people have the right to know what is being found and that something is being done about it and nothing short of that is complicity on Congress' part.

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